Breakthrough Transformation

The Breakthrough experience is a powerful life changing 6 hour day or it can be split up into two 3 hour days.

I will help you let go of negative emotions from the past that are holding you back from experiencing true deep inner happiness.

If you’re holding onto past experiences, maybe hurt, anger, sadness, guilt or shame. Maybe you’re finding it hard to forgive someone or even forgive yourself. These emotions can keep replaying in our bodies over and over and your mind cant tell the difference between a memory or an actual event, so your unnecessarily putting yourself through the same discomfort again and again.

If you’re carrying around with you the energetic vibration of hurt anger or unforgiveness for example, you’re going to attract more situations to cause hurt anger or guilt in your life.

I can help you to come to peace with your past and allow you to have a healthy future, where you can vibrate at a higher frequency and attract better quality situations and people into your life.

The process is a quite powerful and beautiful experience.

When I was taken through it for the first time, I released grief that I hadn’t processed since I was 14 years old, I let go of shame that was holding me back since I was 5, I let go of a limiting belief that was creating massive hurt in my life during my most favorite activities, this is just to name a few. I also created a powerful vision for my future that is coming to fruition as I write this

I now have to tools and techniques available so in the future if anything arises I can take myself through the healing process and come to a place of peace again.

I’ve had a lot of trauma in my life, so to be able to feel the tension release out of my body and feel safe and calm is priceless. This Breakthrough experience has changed my life massively and I am passionate and dedicated to help many others.

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